What’s it all about?

Some would say that i just created a blog because i have nothing else to do or in simple terms I’m just BORED! I just think that it’s about time i contribute something useful to the internet. I admit that i do have a lot of spare time for i am still in the stage of looking for a stable job. SO…. why not spend my precious time in writing (or in this case, typing) useful information on the simple things that I’m passionate about instead of having a 24/7 movie marathon! 🙂

“What is this blog all about anyway?”, you might ask. For starters, I’m certainly not an expert in fashion. I’ll leave my college friend, Christine in charge of that, you could visit her shop by the way:


But I’ve been quite, no not quite, A LOT interested in Thrift Shops here in the Metro in search for great bargains on clothes, shoes and bags. I’ve even had my 1st Thrift Shop Escapade just recently. This i promise to write about within the week. I also promise to post about thrift stores I’ve visited, Thrift shopping tips and even pictures of my favorite ukay finds. Well, i was inspired to go thrift shopping by the one and only ukay queen: Ms. Pat Dela Torre. You could visit her site: www.theukayqueen.com and find out more about her passion.

Ms. Pat Dela Torre

Another possible entry would be about everyone’s favorite: FOOD! The people close to me would agree that i have a thing for food, especially the kind that satisfies my sweet tooth. I’m into baking and very soon I plan to venture into the culinary side of the kitchen. I’ll be sharing my previous creations, present addictions and great palette-satisfying finds. Here’s a picture of one my creations. Cookie Monster Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream! YUM! If it’s not too much to ask, you could LIKE my facebook page:


photo by Nico Torres

So i guess that sums up what i plan to post in the coming weeks, months and hopefully the coming year. Hope you guys would drop by every now and then, you might learn a thing or two from my experiences. That’s it for now. God Bless! 🙂